Healthy Pantry & Allergy, GMO Scanner NxtNutrio App Reviews

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Very minimal database of products

I scanned 30 bar codes and only one was in the database I was very disappointed. Good idea in theory but this app has got a long way to go...

Doesnt work

This app doesnt work in Canada. Waste of money. How about a refund

Limited database, customer support is lacking

Im in BC, Canada and Ive scanned literally hundreds of products with this app and Ive come across maybe TWO items that actually had info in the database … abysmal! Also when uploading new items to add to the database, it takes far too long for their customer service support to get back to you. Unfortunately, money not well spent here!

Useless App

I scanned everything in my cupboard and nothing was found in their data! Dont waste your time on this app!


Wasted money on an app to help with allergens. Nxtnutrio has very few foods/upc in their system and it really isnt a help at all. Actually pretty upset that I spent nearly $4 on something I may as well delete!

Do not waste money on this app!

Nothing I have scanned is in their system...its a useless app...

Do not buy this

Bought this app for 4$ and all it does is asking me to help building there data base since they have so fare 0 UPC that worked. Over 25 items 0 i gave up and deleted it. Wish i could get my money back.

Dont waste your $$

Has literally nothing in its database... An excellent idea for an app, but Im not stoked on paying for something I have to build myself. Huge thumbs down.

Needs more products listed!

Doesnt have 80% of the products Im buying listed- buying at publix.

Ack! Wont focus well! Wont scan! *crying*

See title.


Incredibly bugs eat. Half the products I scan cant be found in the Apps database. Waste of $4.

Good if you only have typical allergies

As someone with 50+ food intolerances on AIP, I was disappointed with the allergen narrowing options on this app, since they were limited to only the most common allergies out there. Your average gluten intolerant can only eat gluten free bread, but Im one of the ones who can only eat 5-15% of the gluten free options out there. I know there are other people who probably came looking for apps with the same problems as I found. Needless to say, it didnt do anything for me that I couldnt easily do myself, so it was a waste of money in my opinion. It lists most name brand, common products, but most of those are things that people like me cant eat in the first place. I scanned a bunch of items from my kitchen and none of them come up at all on this app. Lastly, the app is pretty buggy.

Limited allergens list

Very limited allergens list can not add additional allergen to the list Useless because you will have to read the label anyway

Seriously Lacking food database

In theory its a good idea. But their food database is seriously lacking. You can scan the barcode of a can of green beans, a fairly common food item, and they dont have any data on it. The app has potential, but needs some serious backend upgrades before I think anyone can get any real value out of it.

Please fix the bugs

I love this app and I want to help build the data base but it freezes every time I get to the second photo

Best app!

This app is genius! So helpful for those of us with food allergies and also for ones that want to avoid GMOs. I use this app almost daily and its so great that we can help add products. Just take 3 quick photos of the product and send off the email and it is added pretty quickly to the database.


Im loving this app! I use at the grocery store all the time! Its amazing how much I was blind to all the poisons I was buying! Because of this app I am able to make healthier choices for my family and I. Thank you so much for creating this app, it is the best thing ever!!!


I love this app other than the fact that I cant see items Ive scanned. I contacted support but I dont see a settings button on the more menu. I hope it just has to be updated :/ other than that I love that it breaks down and tells you everything you need to know.

The BEST healthy food app online

This app has made shopping and finding GMO/GF food for my family so much easier! If they dont have a food listed, they have made it super easy to submit one. They are also great and quick about answering questions and responding to emails! I LOVE this app!

Misleading - Doesnt know GMOs, Terrible Customer Service

Dont be fooled, this app does NOT know if the food you scan has GMO ingredients. What it does is say may contain GMO to just about any corn, soy, ect. ingredient to a product not registered as organic with the GMO-Labeling Project. So basically, if the box doesnt say organic, youre just as informed as this app is on he likelihood it could have GMOs. Plus, their customer service is a joke. Dont bother with it. Do your own research, educate yourself about whats out there, and be your own GMO-scanner.

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